Corporation Overview

Aulac Corporation operates under a certificate of business registration number 0302704796 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on 04/09/2002

- Lines of business:

+ Ocean and coastal transport of fuels.

+ Domestic waterways transport of fuels.

+ Marine services - Shipping business.

+ Shipping agents.

+ Marine transport agent services.

+ Shipping brokers - Such as Sale and Purchase

+ Customs procedures services.

+ Other related activities such as sampling, weighing of shipping goods .

+ Trade of interior decoration products, technological products, metal ware and household appliances.

+ Wholesale of agricultural, forest products

+ Trade of motorbikes and spare parts.

+ Chemical dealer.

+ Consignment agent. 

+ Trade of food.

+ Trade of machinery for industrial - agricultural - forestry – fishery field.

+ Trade of automobile and spare parts.

+ Trade of construction materials.

+ Trade of petroleum, lubricants.

From the beginning, Company has built strategies of developing and implementing activities in the field of domestic and international fuel transportation. So far the Company has established strategic partnerships and direct charter party with major shippers in the country as Saigon Petro, Vinapco, Thalexim, Petrolimex,  PV Oil, Petimex, etc., and in foreign countries such as Shell, Conoco Phillips, PTT Thái Lan, Sinopec, Unipec, BP Singapore, Trafigura, PetroSummit, Sojitz, Elico, Petrochina, Petamina, Petron, Horizon Petroleum, etc. At the same time, the Company has demonstrated its capacity in operating and managing its fleet corresponding with international standards, expanding transport market share of with high efficiency.

Operational orientation of the Company in coming years :

- Continue to build long-term relationships with strategic domestic and international clients, while also continue to expand market share with new partners.

- Optimize financial structure of the Company with the most effective use of shareholder capital.

- Continue to develop the fleet in terms of quality and efficiency, combine new forms such as new purchase or charter and purchase, time charter to meet the needs of clients.

- Improve qualifications and professionalism of human resources throughout the Company, including crew and office staffs. Apply key performance indicators to the whole Company with appropriate reward and recognition policies to enhance working motivation of all staffs in the Company.

- With current human resource and management systems, the Company is gradually developing to expand the business to improve the brand and position of the Company to the level of the region and the world.

Aulac Corporation commits to become one of the leading private companies in the shipping field. Aulac together “with energy to everywhere” and brings the growth motivation and other benefits to clients, shareholders and the society.